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Warner Bros. Family Entertainment (2001/2003)

  • From the Blu-ray release of "Justice League" Season 1.
    I've decided to do a run down of this show to show what the BD releases of this show does with the original logos. From the animated side of things, this was the show that introduced plastering of the AOL Time Warner variants. And this show does it in the most offensive way in my opinion. Look carefully in 1080p quality and you will be able to see that instead of replacing it with the 2003 variant, they tried to paint over the AOL Time Warner byline. The actual 2003 version of this logo has no byline at all. So I have to question why did they not use the 2003 version instead? The other cartoons from this era that were later released in HD did so. But perhaps it's because this was the first go at it.

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