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Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Reports - Yehoshua Coren (Analytics Ninja, Israel)

  • SUPERWEEK 2015 session by Yehoshua Coren (Analytics Ninja, Israel)
    This hands on session will walk you through the details of the Enhanced Ecommerce data model, provide guidance for how to implement the tracking, and walk users through how to use the new reports to gain actionable insights to improve ecommerce performance.
    SUPERWEEK conference is a unique, annual gathering of data evangelists, analysts and thought leaders of the Modern Web Industry.
    Featured speakers of SPWKs from 2012: Past speakers: Avinash Kaushik (Market Motive, USA), John Mueller (Google), Caleb Whitmore, Sam Briesemeister and Charles Farina (Analytics Pros, USA), Nick Mihailovski (Google, USA), Justin Cutroni (Google, USA), Doug Hall (ConversionWorks, UK), Rachel Sweeney (iProspect, UK), Ravi Pathak (Tatvic, India), Jesse Nichols (Google, USA), Yehoshua Coren (Analytics Ninja, Israel), Phil Pearce (Precision SEM - UK), Kristoffer Ewald (NetBooster, Denmark), Luigi Reggiani (Google Analytics & Attribution, France), Julien Coquet (Hub'Scan, France), Carmen Mardiros (Clear Clues, UK), Aurélie Pols (Mind Your Privacy), Peter O'Neill (L3 Analytics), Ralf Haberich (Webtrekk, Germany), Steen Rasmussen and Casper Blicher Olsen (IIH Nordic, Denmark), Craig Sullivan, Simo Ahava (Reaktor, Finland), Matt Gershoff (Conductrics, USA), Jeff Sauer (Knowledge Land, USA), Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller and Gary Illyes from Google Switzerland, Jesse Nichols (Google Analytics Partner Program -- USA, Mountain View).
    Download the 2015 agenda in PDF at www.superweek.hu or check #SPWK Twitter stream here: twitter.com/hashtag/spwk
    See you in January 2016!

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