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Apple Watch First look Series 3 |Apple Watch Series 3 Review | The Apple Watch Fulfills Its Destiny

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Apple Watch First look Series 3 |Apple Watch Series 3 Review | The Apple Watch Fulfills Its Destiny

The brand New Apple Watch First look Series 3
Apple Watch Series 3 Review
The Apple Watch Fulfills Its Destiny

The Apple Watch Series 3 is the first to include LTE-compatibility. This means that you can now stream music and make phone calls without your phone in tow. The new Apple Watch Series 3 costs $399 with cellular connectivity and $329 without it. Orders start on September 15th. It'll be available on September 22nd. The Series 1 now starts at $249.

THIS YEAR’S APPLE Watch looks just like last year’s Apple Watch. The Series 3, which comes in two sizes and starts at $399, has few new features other than Siri’s newfound ability to chime in at really awkward times. Almost nobody will ever know you’re wearing the new one, unless they spot the little red button on the side. And yet, this is a completely different device. It now has LTE built in, and connects to the internet without needing your phone or even a Wi-Fi connection. For two years, the Watch was an iPod Touch. Now it’s an iPhone.
When Apple launched the Watch in 2015, it pitched the device as a respite from the increasingly invasive technology in your life. “We’re so connected, kind of ever-presently, with technology now,” Kevin Lynch, the head of the Watch project, told me at the time. “People are carrying their phones with them and looking at the screen so much.”

But the product didn’t deliver. It only worked with your phone nearby, and acted mostly as a megaphone for your notifications. Over time, Apple shifted its focus, selling the Watch to fitness enthusiasts and the generally health-conscious. And yet, Apple always saw the Watch as something more than just a Fitbit plus notifications.

In talking to some of Apple’s execs after the Series 3 announcement, it’s clear that it marks a milestone for the Apple Watch. And after spending a week with it on my wrist, I have a theory: The Apple Watch is the next iPhone. Apple obviously sees the iPhone X and beyond evolving into something else, a more powerful computer designed for augmented reality and the next phase of work and play. In that future, the Apple Watch would replace much of what we do on our phones now—the calls and texts, the smart-home and music controls, the constant back-and-forth with our virtual assistants. On a Watch, you could do all those things without the nasty, attention-sucking side effects. It separates all the iPhone’s tools from its toys.

It’s a nice idea, one that’s not quite finished yet. But for the first time ever, I love the Apple Watch. And I’m going to keep wearing it.

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